About Us

Kwendi Expert Group is a leading media and marketing consultancy in the markets of Central Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. The experience of our key experts in media advertising is over 20 years.

Kwendi works in three areas — Kwendi Media Audit, an independent expert audit and counsel of the effectiveness of media advertising investments, Kwendi Media Branding, analytics and strategies for media brands, and Senserro, strategic marketing consultancy.

We do not work with sellers, do not buy or plan advertising, are not affiliated with any media or advertising agency, therefore we provide unbiased advice on any issues related to the media.

Our Team
  • Andriy Taranov
    Kwendi partner

    Started in 1995, Andriy Taranov for 9 years managed media planning and buying for advertisers in Media Direction Ukraine (formerly Provid/BBDO) media agency).

    After this Andriy worked as an independent media and marketing strategical consultant.

    Co-founder of Kwendi expert group since March, 2005.

  • Svitlana Kalinina
    Managing Partner of Kwendi Media Audit

    Svitlana Kalinina has been working in media since 1986, she started at the Ukrainian State Television.

    Svitlana Kalinina was Media Director of Linea12/McCANN ERICKSON (from 2001 – media devision of Universal McCANN) for 10 years. 

    She earned MBA degree in International Management Institute (MIM).

    In 2006 Svitlana Kalinina headed Kwendi Media Audit.

    +38 067 230 82 56

  • Renata Polischuk
    Partner of Kwendi Media Audit for Foreign Markets, Leading Media Audit Expert

    Renata graduated from Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of MSU and started her career in media advertising in 1999.

    After successful work as Media Group Head in Initiative Media Moscow agency, she has been Planning and Media Director of Initiative Media (Kyiv), and then CEO of MPG Kyiv.

    In 2009 Renata joined Kwendi Media Audit.


  • Olga Zhuravlyova
    Partner of Kwendi Media Audit for the Ukrainian Market, Leading Media Audit Expert

    Olga Zhuravlyova began her career in media advertising in 2004 as a TV planner at Media Direction Ukraine. Then Olga became Media Group Head, after which she became the Media Director of the agency.

    In 2014, Olga Zhuravlyova joined Kwendi Media Audit.


  • Victoria Kalugina
    Leading Expert in Media Audit

    Victoria Kalugina began her career in media advertising in 1997 as an account manager for Linea12/McCann Erickson and reached the position of account director.

    In 2014, Victoria Kalugina joined Kwendi expert group.


  • Tetyana Chervonnaya
    Expert on Media Strategies

    In media advertising since 1997. Tetyana gained experience in research companies Consulting Ukraine, AGB Ukraine and advertising agencies ADM, Zenith Media, Media Direction Ukraine.

    Since 2005, Tetyana Chervonna has been expert on media brand strategies in Kwendi Media Branding.

  • Konstantin Tregub
    Expert in analysis of external communication of media brands

    In the media market since 2004. Kostyantin worked in the PR agency Pleon Talan. He finished his work at the agency in 2007 and joined Kwendi Media Branding. In 2011 he headed the practice of media brands promotional activity analysis.

  • Kostyantin Bogomolov
    OOH expert

    Kostyantin started to work in advertising in 1997 as a media buyer at the agency Visage/Publicis. He continued his career as the head of the department of outdoor advertising in the media agencies B&B, Media Direction Ukraine (formerly Provid/BBDO). Then he worked in the outdoor advertising operator N-Outdoor.

    In 2007, Kostyantin Bogomolov joined Kwendi expert group.


  • Kira Kasianova
    Media Audit Expert

    Kira graduated from the NTUU KPI, Institute for applied system analyses in 2009. From 2009 to 2011 she did her PhD degree.

    Kira has been working in Kwendi Media Audit since 2008.