Article about the future of TV-news on Ukrainian TV by Yuriy Vyrovoy

Kwendi Impact Studies 08 July, 2015

TV-news ratings fell down to the historical minimum in May 2015. What are the causes and effect?

The demand for news is an indicator of how important events are occurring in the country and the world. Television, as the most popular and measureable media in Ukraine, allows to evaluate the real interest of citizens to the events.

TV news performance always grow up during the important political events and fall down while stress reduction. The historical maximum was reached in 2004 during the Orange Revolution, when TV was major and familiar source of information for the most of population.

Reduce of interest to prime TV news in 2015 showed two unexpected phenomenas. First, ratings falling started on the background of active hostilities and turbulent political process. Second, in May 2015 ratings achieved historical minimum on average weighted share of prime news on TOP-5 channels.

It is safe to say that the horrors of the war and nowaday life is are longer the top topics for Ukrainians.

* All figures counted for audience 18-54, 50+, panels by GfK and Nielsen.

Author - Yuriy Vyrovoy, Kwendi Impact Studies partner.

Full article in Russian:
/"Нет сил смотреть: украинцы устали от плохих новостей", 06.07.15/