Yuriy Vyrovoy article about the ban of Russian TV-serials in Ukraine

Kwendi Impact Studies 23 December, 2015

The fall TV season-2015 gave the answer to one of the most important market issues of the year – what will be the impact of ban of the part of Russian serials on the key performance indexes. The figures show that the need for import substitution as a whole did not lead to a dramatic migration of viewers between channels compared to last fall.

Since the market struggle is going for 1-2 of share points, the failure to consider the East B changes the balance of power comparably to the result of multi-million investments and efforts of key market players. For some channels the changes, caused by the non-inclusion of the East B, are even more important than their seasonal dynamics.

Please read the full article in Russian language:

/Трудная осень: как прошел ТВ-сезон без запрещенных сериалов/