Yuriy Vyrovoy comment on TV news watching

Kwendi Impact Studies 25 December, 2015

Online media against TV: who will win the battle for the audience

What news Ukrainians will read and watch in 2016, and most importantly – where? And more – whom they will trust?

One of basic mediatrends in 2015 – Ukrainians started to read and watch the news less. "Watching the prime TV news is going down since the summer of 2014. By the fall of 2015 the average share of news in prime dropped to pre-revolutionary level", – says Yuriy Vyrovoy, partner of Kwendi Impact Studies. – "People are tired of negativity that they receive from the news".

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/Онлайн-СМИ против телевидения: кто победит в войне за аудиторию/