Kwendi TV Promo Monitor: ex-editor of "Podrobnosti nedeli" Maria Stolyarova became the most mentioned in the media TV employee in 2016

Kwendi Media Branding 14 February, 2017

According to the results of the study of promo activity of Ukrainian TV channels Kwendi TV Promo Monitor, Maria Stolyarova, former employee of "Podrobnosti nedeli" (Inter) became the most mentioned among people connected with the TOP-6 channels. The scandal, as a result of which Stolyarov was expelled from Ukraine, became one of the most high-profile topics in the media space of TV market in 2016.

Among the faces of 1+1 channel, Tina Karol ("Voice of the Country", "Voice. Children", "Christmas Story with Tina Karol") was the most often mentioned by the media.

Pavel Kazarin ("Morning in the Big City") received the most mentions part among ICTV staff.

Sergei Pritula ("Superintuition", "Var'yati", "Passion for the Inspector", etc.) became the leader of New Channel.

Konstantin Meladze ("X-factor", "Eurovision") topped the list of STB persons.

Alexei Sukhanov ("Ukraine talks", "Culinary Academy of Alexei Sukhanov") was the most mentioned host of Ukraine channel.

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