Kwendi Media Audit opens the vacancy of an expert

Kwendi Media Audit 21 February, 2017

Kwendi Media Audit – the leading independent Ukrainian company providing media audit services in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Central Asia – announces the opening of an expert vacancy.

The ideal candidate should:

- have experience working in media agencies for more than 3 years on the positions of media group head, planning director or media director;
- be motivated for professional growth and development;
- it is advisable to have experience in passing audits by media auditors in the agency;
- to be actively interested in the development of media market in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Central Asia;
- it is desirable to have experience in digital;
- freely communicate and correspond with clients and partners in English;
- be thorough and scrupulous in the work.

In exchange we offer:

- the opportunity to expand the professional horizons extremely quickly;
- working on implementation of the highest international standards of media performance measurement on the markets of Ukraine, Eastern Europe and Central Asia;
- a constant flow of non-standard analytical problems and queries;
- comfortable working conditions and friendly staff;
- competitive terms of payment and work schedule.

More information about the company can be found here.

Anyone interested in this proposal, please send a CV to the mail