Kwendi Media Audit regular poll: experts evaluated the media inflation for 2017 and refined the forecasts for 2018

Kwendi Media Audit 02 March, 2018

As part of the regular initiative, Kwendi Media Audit team consolidated assessments of market experts for media inflation in 2017 and their forecasts for media inflation for 2018. The survey data is presented as an average inflation rate, indicating the minimum and maximum forecasts.

Final estimate of media inflation in 2017

According to the final evaluation for 2017, the greatest increase in prices was shown by outdoor advertising, and the lowest price dynamics was in print. Experts suppose that advertising on TV has risen in price by more than 30%.

Adjusted forecast of media inflation for 2018

The highest growth in expectations for 2018 in comparison with the previous forecast (November 2017) is supposed for outdoor advertising, where the forecast has increased by 7-11 percentage points. For direct advertising on TV the maximum level of evaluation has decreased, but the consolidated result has not changed significantly. For sponsorship the spread of estimates has increased on the contrary.

The only media which forecast has become more conservative for all types of placements is digital. Attention is drawn to the expected slowdown of inflation in Online Video category compared to 2017 (44% vs 51%). Perhaps this is due to the fact that the cost of placement of the main OLV-inventory supplier – YouTube – during 2017 remained virtually unchanged.

Forecasts are given for inflation of prices in national currency.

Kwendi Media Audit says thanks to all survey participants for supporting the company's initiative of creating a transparent consolidated assessment of price developments for the advertising market.