Andrey Taranov: "To be successful on Ukrainian market one can't be just an information channel"

Kwendi Media Branding 13 April, 2018

Kwendi expert group prepared an analysis of the current situation of UA:Pershıy channel in accordance to the request by Public Broadcaster, with an understanding of trends and history of the issue.

According to Andrey Taranov, Suspilne's plus and minus at the same time is a huge infrastructure, which is subordinate to the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine. If Suspilne gets the funds that it should get according to the state budget — that would be a good budget for the broadcaster. "In any television business, it's important to have the investment money, they might be used to pay in advance for those projects that will become hits in a few years. If the budget is paid with a six-month delay, then Suspile would greatly lag in its evolution. There is one more unpleasant thing: when the money are paid lately, but the questions about the results are asked at the next day. It takes months and years in the television business from money to the result, not days or weeks. Therefore, any conscious business plan looks in perspectives from three to ten years ", — said the founder of Kwendi expert group.

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