Andrey Taranov about the master class on Mediaschool project in Uzbekistan

Kwendi Media Branding 08 May, 2018

— Andrey, welcome to Uzbekistan! The first question: we waited for your arrival with impatience and associated high hopes with it, what can you tell about the master class? How do you evaluate the level of development of Uzbek television? Are the changes that are now taking place both in society and on TV noticeable?

— I am so very impressed with the pace of changes in Uzbekistan. I'm impressed more only with Uzbek hospitality. As for television, it was very interesting to see so many talented people who want to move the industry forward. If the market will have the necessary tools, I am sure that there will be a lot of changes to better. If we talk about the master class it is better to ask the people who attended it. Personally I was very interested, there were many questions and I hope I managed to answer some of them. With regard to the level of specialists, there are a lot of skills in marketing that are accumulated exclusively by practice. Uzbek TV professionals have talent and intelligence. It is not so easy to pump the skills up, but it's not unbelievably complex if you have the tools.

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