Andrey Taranov's comment for Focus magazine

Kwendi Media Branding 17 May, 2018


Deputy Minister of Information Policy Dmitry Zolotukhin insists that the blocking of Russian resources is a necessary preventive method that allows Ukraine to get rid of critical vulnerability. Taking into account the excessive activity of Russian hackers around the world, the imposed sanctions will weaken the neighbor's possible online influence on the upcoming Ukrainian elections. Moreover, Zolotukhin assures that the country's economy has not incurred any losses from the ban, but Russian companies have lost part of their income. This thesis is confirmed by the head of Kwendi expert group Andrey Taranov: "We see that the advertising money that were spent on the banned Russian sites by Ukrainian market has gone either completely or almost completely. Obviously, those money were redistributed between Ukrainian platforms, Facebook and Google".

Source (in Russian)