Kwendi Media Marketing

Kwendi Media Marketing creates media brands and strategies for them.

We help media brands to effectively fight for the time and attention of people in different countries and different situations.

Kwendi Media Marketing expertise is based on customer centricity — we focus on understanding consumers, their habits and needs.

Our task is to think over how to meet people's need for content in the best way possible by analyzing the media influence.

International experience and our own 15 years of expertise gave us media brand creation tools. We regularly analyze markets of different countries to know their trends and best practices.

We share the experience — not only create practical solutions but help clients put together a team to implement them.

Kwendi Media Marketing clients are leading media holdings and content producers: TV holdings and channels, publishers, radio groups, online media in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Media brands and strategies

The goal of Kwendi Media Marketing is to help a media brand team get to know their consumers and their expectations.

Using an extensive array of market data, our own technologies and a knowledge base about local markets, we carefully analyze the marketing situation, find demand and unoccupied niches.

Based on the analysis, we create brand strategies that are effective for a particular market.

If necessary, the Kwendi Media Marketing attracts foreign partners who add their expertise and data.

Media market analyses

Experience and tools allow Kwendi Media Marketing to quickly and thoroughly analyze the market situation, make a forecast and help a media brand plan its actions.

We have been buying industry research and data since 2005, and since 2010 we have been tracking promo activity of Ukrainian TV channels.

Thanks to direct contacts with international partners, we quickly collect information about foreign markets and analyze best practices.

Based on the analysis, we give media brands recommendations how to struggle for consumer love.

Media trainings

When developing a media brand strategy, Kwendi Media Marketing is actively working with a media brand marketing team. If necessary, we help shape it and train it.

  • Sabina Ablyaeva
    Ex-CCO of Ukraina channel

    We work with Kwendi during 4 years. Their analytics is valuable tool, which we use in our work every day. It allows us to correlate the correctness of our actions for achieving our goals. I want to note competence and quality workmanship of Kwendi experts, and also – high professionalism and quality of their services. During all cooperation period the company demonstrates responsible approach to tasks and addresses emerging issues in time.

  • Nataliya Boyko
    Ex-Marketer of UMH Publishing

    We cooperate with Kwendi for the last five years. They offer more than just consulting – this is mutual business development, unspoken understanding, confidence in quality, calls anytime and sincere willingness to help. I can tell those, who is thinking over the choice of strategic partner – just call them, you will never regret!

  • Tetyana Chervonnaya
    Expert on Media Strategies

    Tetyana Chervonnaya has been working in media advertising since 1997. Her work experience includes research companies Consulting Ukraine, AGB Ukraine and advertising agencies ADM, Zenith Media, Media Direction Ukraine.

    Since 2005, Tetyana Chervonnaya is an expert of Kwendi Media Branding on media brand strategies.

  • Kostyantin Tregub
    Expert in analysis of external communications of media brands

    Kostyantin Tregub is in the media market since 2004. He worked in the PR agency Pleon Talan. Having completed his work at the agency as a project head, in 2007 he joined the Kwendi Media Branding group, and in 2011 headed the practice of analysis of media brands external communications.