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Andrey Taranov spoke about the use of legal content for NV


No matter how much you repeat that there's no such thing as a free lunch, the consumer of media content uses the right to his own opinion with might and main. He has his own opinion about what kind of media content and under what conditions he wants to consume it. Either he is drawn to free videos on YouTube, or he needs free news in the Facebook feed.

When you try to explain to that person in a private conversation that it is still preferable to pay for the content, in response, you hear: “The principle of shop-floor solidarity works for you, selfish journalistic interests speak in you”.

Andrey Taranov, partner of Kwendi media consulting, said well about this in a conversation with NV: “The habit of using legal content is the same sign of a civilized society as the habit of not giving bribes or sorting garbage. The important question is not “why”, but how to form this habit. For example, my children don't know that they can not wear a seat belt in the car. Likewise, they should know that they have easy access to quality legal content on various platforms, and have the habit of searching it on legal platforms".  


Please read the full text of the article on the NV website